Is Your Furnace Too Big for Your Home?

- 4:35 pm - November 25th, 2020

You may wonder if buying the biggest furnace on the market is the best choice for your living space. After all, how could the most powerful heating equipment not be the perfect fit for your household’s demand for warmth?

The truth is, heating equipment should be properly sized for your particular home! If it isn’t, you might find your comfort this heating season a bit uneven and your heating costs on the higher side.

We’ll take you into a few specifics that you should consider when purchasing a furnace…

A furnace that’s oversized will warm up the space very quickly – and you might think that’s a good thing, but it’s actually not great for the equipment.

As the furnace constantly starts up and shuts down in short bursts, or cycles, it’ll experience a higher frequency of wear and tear, leading to more frequent repairs and increased fuel consumption.

Oversized equipment can provide uneven temperatures

A furnace that’s too big will satisfy the thermostat in your home faster than a properly sized furnace, which results in certain rooms in your home feeling cooler than others as the heat had little time to make its way into every space. Additionally, any locations with vents will feel uncomfortably warm!

Oversized equipment can be loud

It’s no surprise that bigger equipment will make more noise, and if your home is too small you’ll always hear it when your furnace is running. Additionally, if your ducts aren’t sized for the furnace, you’ll hear the air traveling through them. Don’t let those quiet winter evenings be interrupted by a noisy, oversized furnace!

Sizing is just one aspect of how well your home heating equipment performs during the heating season. Another is how well maintained it is! Parker Oil Company is proud to service all manner of boilers and furnaces. So if you’re in need of a repair, give our experts a call!

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