Improve Your Heating System’s Efficiency for Next Winter

- 3:03 pm - July 24th, 2020

Heating system efficiency is important if you want to stay warm next heating season without tolerating rising heating costs. Vriginia homeowners can help themselves and their heating system’s efficiency by following a few steps:

Save on heating costs by…

  • Cleaning or replacing filters for your furnace at least once a month to maintain optimal airflow and comfort

  • Keeping warm-air registers, baseboard heaters and radiators from being blocked by furniture, carpeting, drapes or dust by keeping them clean and clear

  • Inspecting exterior vents, keeping them clear of debris and nests

  • Installing and learn how to best utilize a programmable or smart thermostat to help save on energy costs

  • Checking and replace weather stripping and caulk around doors and windows to keep out cold drafts and keep in the warm air

While these tasks are simple enough that the average homeowner can take care of them, there is no replacement for a professional’s touch! Scheduling a heating system tune-up will help keep the equipment running efficiently while avoiding any sudden breakdowns in the future. Give us a call today or contact us online to schedule a heating system tune-up now – before the heating season approaches!

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