Save Big with these Winter Conservation Tips

- 10:00 am - January 12th, 2024

With winter in full swing, the temperatures are going down, and your heater is fired up. Your energy usage bill might also be going up, but we can help with that! Parker Oil & Propane has some winter conservation tips to keep you warm this winter without breaking the bank, so you can be safe and sound in the comfort of your own home.


Keep your heating system humming

If your heating system is not working properly, it will need to use more fuel to keep you warm. It can also be dangerous. If you hear any unusual noises, see your fuel use spike, or notice smoke or a strong odor from your boiler or furnace, call us right away.


Naturally heat your home

Winter brings on shorter days, and it’s important to make use of the sunlight you get. The sun can naturally heat your home when you open your blinds and curtains, so your heater won’t have to work as hard to keep you warm, which can lower your fuel usage. Not to mention, it’s much better for the environment!


Seal those leaks!

Feeling cold air in your living room? While you can wrap yourself up in a blanket for the time being, drafts can raise your energy bill by forcing your heating equipment to work harder. Make sure you have air leaks and cracks sealed in your windows and doors to lock out cold drafts.


Follow our conservation advice to get the biggest bang for your buck this winter. Find out more on how you can live comfortably and save money when you call or contact us online!

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