Keep the Summer Fun Flowing With Propane

- 2:06 pm - June 2nd, 2020

While heating oil is an equally as effective way to fuel your home comfort as propane is, there’s no denying that propane possesses a certain versatility that can’t be overlooked! When it comes to fuel that has a place in every season, propane is a star.

Here are a few ways propane can continue to fuel your comfort, even during the summer:

Outdoor Entertaining

BBQs and backyard bashes are complete with propane fueled outdoor cooktops, patio heaters, fire pits, pool heaters and much more! Combined with automatic propane delivery, you’ll always have fuel to keep the fun going after the sun sets.

Year-Round Appliances

Clothes dryers, water heaters, kitchen stoves - these and other propane-fueled appliances are amenities that many homeowners cannot live without, especially when hosting house parties during the summer!

Backup Power

Whole-home emergency standby power generators fueled by propane can maintain a home’s electrical system when the rest of the neighborhood has gone dark! Don’t let blackouts ruin your summer fun (or comfort!), fuel your power generator with propane delivered by Parker!

Propane customers are excited to know that their fuel will be there all year long. Become a Parker automatic propane delivery customer today and see for yourself just how efficient and versatile propane can be! Contact us or call to learn more.

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