Why We Love Heating Oil – and You Should Too

- 2:34 pm - October 31st, 2019

Heating oil is efficient, dependable, clean and versatile. But, while all of these attributes are important, nothing is better than the fact that heating oil is also safe! When it comes to heating your home, you need more than just warmth – you also need peace of mind! Heating oil provides that when you consider…

  • Heating oil will not burn in its liquid form. A lit match would be extinguished if placed in a vial of heating oil.
  • Should heating oil equipment malfunction, alarm bells will go off. No, not literal alarm bells. But, should your heating oil system malfunction, it will release smoke or soot, serving as a telltale sign that something’s gone awry. This will happen long before dangerous amounts of carbon monoxide enter the air.

  • Tanks today are less likely to leak. Because today’s tanks are made of durable, rust resistant materials, the chances of a leak are much smaller than they once were. Regardless of whether you store your tank in your backyard, basement, or even underground, it should last many years.

  • Heating oil is non-toxic.

Heating oil is among the safest fuels ever developed, and you can count on us to have it on hand and deliver it to you when you need it! Contact us online today to learn more about our automatic heating oil delivery, and stay fueled up all winter long.

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