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Residential Payment Options

Would you like to make your fuel payments more manageable and predictable? Parker Oil Company offers our customers two programs that can bring a fuel budget under control.

Capped Price Program*: When you choose a price cap for propane, you get the best of both worlds. You protect yourself from inflation and take advantage of price decreases when they occur. Parker Oil Company will "cap" your price at a predetermined maximum, and your price will never exceed that level during the life of the agreement. If prices fall after the cap is set, your price will drop in response to the market. This program is superior to the "fixed price" that some dealers offer because it allows your price to drop, rather than locking it in at a predetermined level.

Price Cap
* Capped Price only available to propane customers

Budget Payment Plan: A Budget Plan spreads your fuel costs out over 10 months so that you pay a predictable amount every month. This plan can save you from the annual budget squeeze that can occur in winter when heating costs and holiday expenses pile up simultaneously. If you use both heating oil and propane, you can combine both fuels in one budget plan.

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